At Therrien Waddell, safety is an integral part of achieving successful projects, maximum productivity, and a positive work environment.

This is why safety is paramount at Therrien Waddell:

Did you know?

  • One in ten construction workers are injured every year.
    (Source: Industrial Safety & Hygiene News)
  • The top four types of construction-related injuries that lead to death are falls, being caught between two objects, electrocutions and being struck by an object.
    (Source: Environment, Health & Safety Today)
  • Falls are the major cause of construction-related fatal injuries.
    (Source: Center for Construction Research and Training)

Our commitment to safety

  • Projects are pre-planned from a safety standpoint before they start, with all stakeholders required to provide detailed plans for eliminating, controlling or minimizing the potential hazards or exposures that can be foreseen.
  • TW has a safety committee established as a management tool to recommend improvements to our workplace safety program and to identify corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety and health hazards.
  • All employees receive thorough training on all of the equipment, methods and vehicles they use.

TW communicates with employees concerning safety through:

  • Jobsite safety meetings
  • Safety team meetings
  • Safety posters and handouts
  • Individual contact
  • Third-party training sessions
  • Internal job-site inspections and shared reports
  • Employee recognition program for safe work behavior

At Therrien Waddell, safety is everyone's business!