Our History

Co-founders Jerry Therrien and Donnie Waddell share the Therrien Waddell story.

The Therrien Waddell Construction team began its incubation in the 1970s.“I had been in the construction business for a few years, and here is this guy fresh out of college on the construction site,” said Donnie Waddell. Young Jerry Therrien proved to be a quick learner, and he and Donnie built a mutual respect for each other from the ground up, moving earth and building structures together, and ultimately leading the construction operations of two development companies over the next decades.

Over the years, Jerry and Donnie built reputations based on honesty and unwavering values. They experienced the integration of leasing requirements, lenders, property management, government regulators, design needs, building efficiency, schedule imperatives and cost control lessons through a vast variety and scope of projects.

It all came together in 2005 when Jerry and Donnie opened the doors to their own enterprise. Donnie explained the partnership as “a natural path to the next phase in our evolution. Together, we learned the value of viewing the project from different perspectives. We learned the right way to treat people and to execute plans.”

The most important part of history is how it shapes the future. “In 2005, our time had come,” said Jerry. “We had experience, maturity, professional credibility. We built great industry relationships. It was the right time to pull all of the experience and relationships together.” The partners recruited trusted and experienced people from the industry with whom they had history. Today, many of those people are still part of the business family formed by Jerry and Donnie.

In the decade since TW was formed, the team has been awarded some prestigious honors for a variety of projects. Our expertise has expanded into a broad range of project types. Although we have grown in breadth and depth, our fundamental values will never change:

  • We treat others as we want to be treated.
  • We look for ways to make every project exceptional.
  • We honor our communities through service.
  • 1970
    Jerry Therrien and Donnie Waddell meet on a job site.
    Years that pass while Jerry and Donnie build their industry reputations.
    Future company starts to take shape
    Therrien Waddell Construction is launched.
  • 30
    Team Members in the TW Family.
    Years Average Tenure of TW Employees.
    Percent of Employees with over 20 years in Company.
    Plus years of TW industry experience.

TW Corporate Offices

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