Therrien Waddell, Inc. Owners Retire on April 1, 2021

Therrien Waddell, Inc. Owners Retire on April 1, 2021

GAITHERSBURG, MD, April 5, 2021 - After 50+ years in the Washington Metropolitan construction industry, Donnie Waddell and Jerry Therrien are pleased to announce their retirement and the transition of Therrien Waddell, Inc. leadership to key members of the TW Team. Going forward, Matt Maynard has acquired full ownership and will serve as President of the organization.

The two partners started working together in 1972 and have a long history of new building and renovation projects throughout the DMV. In 2005, they created Therrien Waddell Construction independent from their development parent company and continued the partnership grown over the years.

Jerry’s post graduate journey in construction started on job sites in the field with Donnie, eventually leading to project management and co-business ownership. Along the way, they made many friends and developed many relationships which have been valued above all. They created an organization based on building trust and providing exceptional value for their team and in all their partnerships.

Jerry says: “I have always believed that building a better company every day was more important than creating the biggest company any day. Success to me was the satisfaction that we overcame obstacles with collaboration and integrity and that we met challenges head on. I am proud to drive around the MD-VA-DC area and see completed projects my team completed. I am equally proud of how we were able to contribute to the community we live in by serving, volunteering, and supporting local charitable organizations and causes.”

Donnie and Jerry are entering a new chapter in their respective lives. Donnie will be setting up shop Florida and will enjoy relaxation on his boat and offshore fishing. Jerry is staying in the area for now and hopes to continue to run into many of his friends. He hopes to continue his industry and volunteer involvement in the immediate future. In addition to his current Board position for ABC, he plans on continuing roles in the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce, BlackRock Center for the Arts, and Sandy Spring Museum. Jerry’s greatest desire is to maintain many of the relationships developed over the course of his business life.

“The support and friendship I have experienced has meant a great deal to me, says Jerry. In addition, I hope to pursue some of my other passions for scotch, art history, gardening, travel, and reading. After my second vaccine, I can’t wait for a little more herd immunity so I can visit my family scattered around the country.”

Jerry and Donnie thank everyone for so many memories and so much good will. In the meantime, Donnie and Jerry know they have left a company in great shape, poised for great success, and with a team of employees dedicated to continuing the legacy they started together and created over the years. 

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