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At Therrien Waddell, we build teams that create uncommon solutions for difficult problems.
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. ~Henry Ford
Donnie Waddell

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

Henry Ford

Donnie Waddell


Role at Therrien Waddell

Donnie, co-founder of Therrien Waddell, is responsible for the production side of the business. His extensive experience, people management skills, and commitment to outstanding project performance drive the operational side of the business.

What makes Donnie tick?

According to Jerry Therrien, Donnie’s partner in the business, “Donnie has always been the tactician. He has a clear vision of the end result of a project, and is intensely committed to meeting schedules and quality, and has high expectations for the TW team. It’s also important to know that Donnie has a passion for testing boundaries and forcefully pursuing solutions to challenges in project requirements. As a result, his aggressive schedules achieve amazing results. Owners and subcontractors really appreciate his influence in achieving project goals.”

Early influences

Donnie grew up in Herndon, Virginia, and graduated from Herndon High School. Donnie enjoyed athletics in high school and his competitive nature led him into the field of construction at an early age, where he soon excelled and embraced full project supervision responsibilities at an early stage in his career.

Why construction?

Donnie’s work life began as a carpenter. Along with his carpentry skills, his ability to motivate teams and ability to manage schedules were noted early in his career.  These qualities led to an opportunity to work with a regional development and construction firm as an assistant superintendent. This position soon led to full supervisory control of a full-scale residential community project. Donnie’s career path blossomed into commercial projects and eventually top leadership roles.

After business hours

Among Donnie’s interests are hunting, racquetball, and the thrill of riding his Harley-Davidson on the open road. Donnie also enjoys traveling around the country to spend time with his siblings. But, his absolute favorite thing to do when not at work is spending precious time with his granddaughter, Ava.