Sustainable Construction

It's More than Greenwash

We all agree: sustainable construction should be ecologically friendly. Therrien Waddell believes that the term should also encompass the entire scoope of a project, including such factors as:

  • Labor efficiency
  • Creative alternatives
  • Long-term economic feasibility
  • Resourceful use of materials
  • Effective procurement
  • Benefit to the community
  • Environmental stewardship

Our experience tells us that TW's early involvement in a new project creates a true owner/design/construction partnership approach leading to more effective, creative and sustainable results.

We Know Green

TW's in-house experts have years of sustainable construction experience and have earned credentials awarded by the most prominent third-party standard for green buildings, the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

The award-winning LEED Platinum-certified NIST Net-Zero Residential Test Facility is an example of TW's end-to-end expertise and leadership in sustainable building practices. During the past decade, TW has established a track record of partnership in performing multiple aspects of green building design and construction.

TW's subject-matter experts are active in industry advisory and legislation groups that promote sustainable construction practices. We have collaborated with the International Green Constuction Code and the USGBC to clarifiy future green code language and minimize confusion about sustainable requirements for energy-efficient construction projects.

Contact us to register for a Therrien Waddell sustainable practices educational event for owners, practitioners and stakeholders in the construction industry.