Pre-Construction Planning and Design

A Big-Picture Way to Maximize Time and Save Money

Therrien Waddell knows from decades of experience that it is advantageous to join a project in its earliest stage. When involved in the early planning stages, TW’s pre-construction processes lead projects toward completion with a more cost-effective and realistic construction schedule.

In Pre-Construction Planning and Design, Therrien Waddell’s approach is to envision the owner’s objectives and the project’s big picture, and to translate those vital aspects of the project into the Big Three:

Detailed Project Scope

The earlier in the design process the Big Three are fully developed, the more successful and hassle-free the construction project.

With Therrien Waddell, your project is about to get a whole lot easier.

  • Conceptual Estimating and Budget Development
    TW can help the owner produce a more accurate budget on which to base further design decisions by providing early input into conceptual estimates.
  • Constructability and Value Engineering Analysis
    We evaluate architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems. We can recommend alternatives that meet owner objectives while easing construction, improving quality and simplifying maintenance.
  • Scheduling and Planning
    Accurate construction schedules are critical project cost-control step. We develop more precise schedules by identifying items that require long procurement lead times or unusual coordination requirements.
  • Contract Document Review
    Our team reviews project specifications to minimize inconsistencies, errors and omissions. The result: project efficiency, fewer uncertainties, cost savings and minimal conflicts and delays.