Virginia Village Community Center

Category / Institutional

Our Project
  • This project involved a new pad site structure for a community center facility, benefitting residents in surrounding townhouses and apartments and providing space for management offices.
  • TW served as general contractor and coordinated the entire project including:
    • Preparation of the site for construction
    • Installation of new utility and storm water systems
    • Shoring for a pile-supported retaining wall
    • Construction of the wood-framed structure that included a shingle roof, cupola with cultured stone and vinyl siding, and all interior finishes
Why Therrien Waddell
  • The award of this project to TW was accomplished through a competitive and detailed proposal, which instilled confidence in the owner of TW’s competence.
Challenges and Results
  • There were numerous challenges at the beginning of the project: permitting issues, high water table, poor soil conditions, and utility issues. Facing the challenges, the TW team methodically resolved each complication through proactivity and communication.
  • The project was completed on schedule—to the satisfaction of the owner—despite the numerous difficulties and setbacks.
...It is a pleasure working with your project manager. He exercised diplomacy and was always making efforts to satisfy the customer. Issues were fairly resolved and without nonsense….
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