Rockville Audi Certified Pre-Owned

Category / Retail

Our Project
  • TW was tasked as construction manager at risk for the renovation of a former Mini dealership with a branding and facility upgrade to create a new upscale Audi pre-owned dealership.
  • Renovations were numerous, requiring TW’s expertise to manage installation of:
    • Light fixtures throughout the service and detail bays areas
    • Heavy ceramic floor tile designed for industrial loads and durability
    • Designated car detail bays
    • Preparation for new service bay equipment
    • Repainting all interior wall/ceiling surfaces and the complete exterior of the building façade and connected elements
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • With two prior favorable project experiences with TW, the client again chose TW as a trusted partner.
  • TW knew local regulations and had local resources—an advantage for this out-of-state client.
  • TW’s close relationship with the architect was an important ingredient for accomplishing the design intent.
Challenges and Results
  • TW is an expert in filling in gaps. That experience proved useful since no clear guidelines were provided regarding service bay air, oil, and electrical lines and an exterior car wash area. As construction manager, TW’s initiative provided effective solutions in these gray areas.
  • The renewed facility successfully reflected the upscale Audi image, and visibly connected this additional facility with a principal Audi dealership directly across the street.