Our Lady of Lebanon

Category / Institutional

Our Project
  • To add space to welcome people answering a calling to the Maronite Catholic Church, TW served the diocese as general contractor for construction of a new four-story dormitory addition to the seminary. Harmonious blending of new with old was essential.
  • Based on the quality of work on the addition project, TW was subsequently contracted as construction manager-at-risk for extensive renovation to the existing residence facility and main church chapel. Exterior drainage issues also had to be resolved.
  • The subsequent renovation included conversion of a chapel building to a new library, as well as updating finishes in the existing chapel to include marble floors and new wood trim treatments.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • TW was selected for both projects on the basis of best value, and became a trusted partner to the client and architect over the course of both projects.
Challenges and Results
  • TW was tasked with maintaining a construction schedule in occupied spaces while respecting privacy of the living, study and worship spaces. All project objectives were achieved by carefully phasing stages of the work.
  • The 4-story addition involved detailed planning and precise framing that resulted in perfect alignment of hallways and floor levels between the existing building and new addition.
  • Sources of the dampness issues in below-grade floors of the facility were identified and exterior drainage solutions were implemented, resulting in a healthier and moisture-free structure.