Neighborhood Veterinary Associates

Category / Retail

Our Project
  • The client’s vision was an interior build-out for a new veterinary clinic to provide medical and surgical care for all species of animals.
  • The new space included construction of exam rooms, laboratory, surgical space and a recuperative area designed to care for pets recovering from illness or surgery.
  • The location of the business was in a shopping center situated in a growing and vibrant residential neighborhood in Clarksburg, MD.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • TW was referred by the architect, with whom TW has a history of successful projects.
  • With prior experience in veterinary clinic construction, TW was chosen as the “best value” contractor and a trusted partner able to achieve Owner needs.
  • This was the client’s first experience in construction, and TW demonstrated an eagerness to assist with a variety of options and advice throughout the entire project.
Challenges and Results
  • TW’s experienced staff anticipated possible questions, changes and options, which enabled the team to address issues in advance to avoid unnecessary cost overruns and other construction obstacles.
  • Communication was the key. Sometimes seeing is understanding, and, for the client, frequent interaction with TW’s field supervisory personnel truly benefited the process of achieving results meeting their expectations.