Category / Public Sector

Our Project
  • The US Customs and Border Protection agency required a complex renovation of its new emergency power facility and the expansion of the computer room.
  • Construction began with the demolition of walls, access flooring and ceilings. New construction required partitions to enclose switchgear and battery rooms, concrete pads for electrical equipment and new access flooring in the renovated data center space.
  • Serving as general contractor partner to a prime owner contractor, TW coordinated with building trade subcontractors, maintained the schedule and ensured that the work met stringent government requirements.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • TW was selected for this project because of its collaborative team and ability to work effectively with government agencies.
  •  “Data centers are a vertical specialty for construction firms, and TW has established a reputation for work in this complicated secure environment,” explains TW co-owner Jerry Therrien. “Our repeat business in this arena attests to our expertise and high level of trust.”
Challenges and Results
  • TW’s knowledge of security protocol streamlined the construction process and enabled the team to meet critical equipment installation deadlines.
  • Despite the challenges of working in an aging facility, TW was able to draw upon past experience to provide options and solutions for myriad obstacles—and still meet deadlines.
I consider TW Construction as a sophisticated company with the organizational skills to understand and execute Class A work. You think ahead and can bring it to the table like much larger contractors.
Michael Greigg, Architect - Soe Lin & Associates