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Category / Commercial

Our Project

  • The class A setting of the Stanford Overlook Professional Building was ideal for the client’s vision:  combining two shell condominium suites to yield a spacious high-end office build-out with custom finishes.
  • The finished space included a president’s suite, offices, conference rooms, sitting areas, a fitness room and areas for business services.
  • TW provided general contractor coordination of all construction activities and subcontractors, including requirements of the client’s interior designer to incorporate special material and finishes into the architectural design.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • TW earned the reputation as a class A contractor during the original construction of the base building, and was recommended for this build out by the developer.
  • TW had also worked with the project architect and interior designer, which gave the client confidence that he had an expert team.
Challenges and Results
  • Customized changes were made during and at the end of the project. This required creative efforts to find, order, expedite delivery of, and install special features desired by the client within a stringent move-in timeframe.
  • Since other contractors were renovating other client spaces in the building, deliveries and project activities had to be thoughtfully planned to avoid interference and continuous execution of the work.