Goddard School Clarksburg

Category / Institutional

The Project
  • TW performed construction of a new single-story pre-school and after-school facility designed for LEED certification.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • The project’s architect highly recommended TW to the franchise owner, because of the relationship built on the foundation of several successful prior commercial projects with the architect.
  • “Over the course of several Goddard School projects, TW has built a high level of trust,” says Jerry Therrien. “Since completion of the Clarksburg school we have been chosen for construction projects on three subsequent franchise schools.”
Challenges and Results
  • This project included sensitive environmental concerns that were resolved by installing permeable materials in the parking lot and playground.
  • The main sewer line that served adjacent neighborhoods was successfully relocated through environmentally-sensitive land to the satisfaction of all stakeholders
  • This deadline-powered project had to be open by the beginning of the school session and there were complex and competing timing and phasing issues:
    • Engineered work-arounds were created to compensate for utility company delays
    • Permeable materials for the parking lot and playground could only be installed after heavy construction equipment left the site
  • The TW team provided extra value to our client—financing issues, appraisals, and construction issues. We’re with our owners, clients, and teams -- every step of the way.