Freestate Shopping Center Retail Stores

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Our Project
  • This large-scale revitalization of an aging shopping center to a contemporary retail center involved new storefront facades, roofs, HVAC systems, electric and water service, loading docks and storeroom extensions for each retailer.
  • Major national chains Office Depot, TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less were among the retailers served in the center, and recognized TW for its seamless, thorough construction process.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • TW’s prior work with the property owner demonstrated a proven ability to accomplish successful planning, pricing and scheduling.
  • As construction manager at risk, TW initially delivered preliminary estimates for lease and development strategies. This exemplary work led to negotiated agreements to perform the construction phase of the project.
  • TW was subsequently selected to complete other retail center renovations—including King’s Crossing, Pike Plaza, Lakeforest Shopping Center and Jared Jewelers—as a result of the trust built with the owner.
Challenges and Results
  • This shopping center was open for business. TW implemented strict traffic control measures to maintain the flow of construction and shopping access, preserving safety and access for everyone.
  • TW interacted directly with multiple new retail representatives and achieved all of their staggered deadlines.
  • The scope of work required completing a domestic water service loop to the shopping center.  This was achieved by installing a 10-foot water line (sleeved under a major four-lane, dual highway and intersection) to the site. Safety and access were successfully accomplished without incident.
Your Superintendent was nothing short of spectacular. He juggled numerous simultaneous jobs on the site and kept a difficult client (us) and difficult set of retailers happy with his coordination of the work crews and the phasing of the work.
James J. Garibaldi, Jr., Principal - JBG Rosenfeld Retail