Dr. Frekko Office

Category / Healthcare

Our Project
  • The busy two-generation medical practice had outgrown its space and TW was selected to assist the tenant broker and lender in evaluating construction impacts in the new lease agreement. TW subsequently managed the interior renovation project.
  • The renovated office featured custom millwork cabinetry, medical laboratory, exam rooms, and staff spaces. The entry was moved to a location providing a new full-glass exterior ADA-accessible entrance, complemented by interior custom lighting and comfortable, warm finishes.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • A trusting prior relationship with the tenant broker introduced TW to the client.
  • The client recognized TW’s guiding principles, which included serving clients with fairness and “can-do” work ethic.
Challenges and Results
  • Architectural plans were changed during the process of framing walls when, at this stage, the client engaged an interior designer. TW worked to mitigate the cost effects of the changes and developed creative options to overcome the impacts, while adhering to the designer’s concepts.
  • Design changes triggered an expedited schedule because of the client’s impending lease expiration with penalty costs.
  • The clock was ticking, but TW successfully rallied the team and implemented time- and cost-saving measures to enable the physicians to move into their contemporary new space on time and honor their patient commitments.