Digital Infuzion

Category / Commercial

Our Project
  • Healthcare IT firm Digital Infuzion was in hyper-growth mode and had outgrown its facility. This two-phased project created a new, agile work environment to reflect the client's identity.
  • After working with the client on options, the existing third floor space was renovated. The fourth floor was gutted and the client's dream workspace was created: collaborative, open and a setting for groundbreaking work.
Why Therrien Waddell
  • "This was a project that exemplifies our mission to create partners for life," says Jerry Therrien
  • Therrien Waddell became a trusted partner. Notes Jerry, "Our added value is helping our clients make project decisions in the embryonic stages - - steering the project in the right direction, conserving resources, and creating dream projects."
Challenges and Results
  • TW helped the owner select a team with the right experience to meet the challenges of a tough deadline and multiple design changes on the fly. "Your superintendent is excellent," was a comment heard from many members of the client team. TW served as intermediary in the design/client team, giving the owner more input on design and space functionality.
  • Agile development principles were applied to all phases of construction. According to the owner, "If it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't have gotten to where we are today."