DDG Offices

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Our Project
  • The eclectic, retro/contemporary flare of the design sense of DDG Architects is reflected in this interior office renovation for the firm’s headquarters in a reclaimed warehouse in Baltimore’s stylish, historic Natty Boh neighborhood.
  • TW was DDG’s construction partner of choice to coordinate the client’s fluid and distinctive design concepts, which included exposed ceilings, LED accent lighting, advanced electronic technology, and custom glass accents.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • A prior relationship with a DDG architect brought TW’s A-team of project managers, supervisors and highly-skilled subcontractors to the project.
  • Imagination paired with execution. “We’re known for our ability to envision abstract concepts. And we love the challenge of bringing our clients’ most challenging ideas to life,” says TW partner Jerry Therrien.
Challenges and Results
  • It’s our job to think beyond our client’s vision of the project. The age and condition of the space in the historic structure presented unique challenges to the client’s plans. It was up to us to think creatively to overcome barriers and work around obstacles in the old building—without impacting the design, budget or schedule.
  • We specialize in hands-on clients. Since DDG was moving its headquarters from an adjacent suite in the building, the job site was inspected daily by designers – opening the door for new ideas and unusual creative changes to the original plans. TW responded with open-minded and inventive solutions to the client’s changes, while maintaining the schedule of this fast-track project. We finished in time for the grand opening that hosted an international array of guests.