Assemblies of God Building

Category / Institutional

Our Project
  • Consolidation of the headquarters of this religious group included a new 24,000 SF headquarters building that included administrative and conference space and a day chapel.
  • As general contractor, TW managed the entire site and building construction process.
  • The exterior design blended with the surroundings and consisted of natural stone, precast and brick veneer plus a standing seam metal roof.
  • Upgraded interior finishes touched off the new building and included wood trim details, millwork installations, custom wood ceilings, pendant light fixtures and designer flooring.
Why Therrien Waddell?
  • “Therrien Waddell has a history of working with religious groups, and we understand their unique budget constraints,” according to Jerry Therrien. “We were able to offer a competitive price bid and demonstrated a willingness to collaborate with the church on cost-saving ideas, while preserving the dignity and peaceful ambiance of the space.”
Challenges and Results
  • Some design elements presented construction challenges. TW was able to provide solutions to:
    • Properly seal the internal gutter system in a metal roof design
    • Correctly apply natural stone veneer to the foundation to control water penetration
    • Creatively divert water shedding away from the building foundations when a drainage system was not wanted