Crystal Rock Office Building


The Greatest Value Takes Place Before Construction Begins.

Cost control starts in the initial stages with construction staff working with owner and design professionals from conceptual information. When involved in the planning stages, TW can contribute to a more cost effective design and a more realistic construction schedule. Every aspect of the project is considered to seek cost efficient alternatives without sacrificing quality. This pre-construction process includes:

Conceptual Estimating and Budget Development:

By providing early input into conceptual estimates, we can help the owner produce a more accurate budget on which to base further design decisions.

Constructability and Value Engineering Analysis:

In this process, we evaluate architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems and recommend alternatives that can still meet owner objectives, but can contribute to the ease of construction, improve quality and simplify maintenance.

Scheduling and Planning:

We can develop more precise schedules by identifying items that require long procurement lead times or that may demand unusual coordination requirements. Accurate construction schedules are often the most critical cost control step in a project. And when considered early, may drive design and construction decisions.

Contract Document Review:

Our team can review drawings and specifications to minimize inconsistencies, errors, and omissions. Another experienced set of eyes is always of benefit to a project. Ensuring maximum clarity of the documentation leads to project efficiency, fewer uncertainties, cost savings and helps to avoid conflict and delays.